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10/05/14 07:09 PM #1    

Sister Linda Webb (Dmj)

Hi, Everyone!

This is Linda Webb, DMJ, writing to share the news that Sister Therese Martin, DMJ, passed away on September 26, 2014.  Her funeral Mass will take place at Mortuary Chaper, Holy Cross Cemetery, 5835 Slauson Ave., Culver City on Friday, October 10th at 11:00 am, followed by interment and reception.  Colences may be registered at   Memorials may be made in Sister's name to Daughters of Mary and Joseph Retirement Fund, 5300 Crest Road, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275-5004

I know a lot of us were membersof the various choral groups which Sister Therese Martin directed at Pius:  the Sarton Chorus, the Madrigal Singers, and other groups.   I was privileged to be with Sister over the years, and especially during these last weeks of her life, and we often talked about the various students who were in the music groups, the programs, the theatrical productions, etc.  Sister Therese always prayed for all of her students--may we pray for her that she may now rest in peace.

Thank, Linda 

10/06/14 11:03 AM #2    

Judee Mosman (Luke)

Thank you, Linda, for sharing the sad news about Sr. Therese Martin.  She was a lovely, dedicated teacher with a huge amount of patience. All of us in the chorus' enjoyed her instruction, and  I am sure the celestial choirs are welcoming her to their ranks.  Rest in peace.

10/06/14 11:33 AM #3    


Robert Rex

Thank you Sister Webb. I have found memories of Sister Therese Martin. She was an inspirational teacher, always had a smile on her face and always asked us to do better than we thought we could. I was in the Madrigal Group and the production of the Lowland Sea. Thanks to her I did quit a bit of theater after high school including college and after, here in Sonoma. May she rest in peace.

Robert Rex

10/06/14 05:23 PM #4    


Maria Lupo (Jordan)

Dear Linda... I couldn't sing back then and no better now... but will pray for Sister Therese. Thank you for keeping us posted. I hope you are well.

Frank and I do "sing along" at the guitar Mass on Sunday. My best to you from your old classmate... Maria

10/07/14 01:15 PM #5    


Jeannie Wilhelm (Awad-Morgan)

Dear Sister Linda Webb,

Thank you for sharing the information about Sister Theresa's return home.  My prayers will be iridescent with remembered songs and joyful memmories of chorus, Madrigal and the theater productions.


I'm so grateful for Sister Theresa's brilliant musical training but, more importantly the lessons she imparted in self acceptance and confidence, while helping us to overcome the debilitating messages of the ego as she always expected the best from us.  She gently guided us to respect our gifts and to use them to the full.  Her assuring smile and enthusiasm have stayed with me. I'm sure many of you remember the journeys to performance, especially the Ambassador Auditorium where we performed with other highschools under the direction of Mariam Makeba and (if I'm not dreaming) Stevie Wonder?


My dear Sister, I reached for and attained high C because you guided me to keep practicing knowing that it would happen.  I look forward to enjoying your company, blessings and Love go with you.

Jeannie Wilhelm, Savage

10/07/14 03:46 PM #6    

Patricia Arnett (Bauer)

Linda, thank you so much for keeping classmates posted.  I never could sing so did not have the pleasure of knowing her very well.  Most important is she is with God now and all her beloved who have gone before her. Hope all is well with you and thanks again for keeping us informed.

10/07/14 04:50 PM #7    


Shari Letson (Concialdi)

Thank you for the information on Sr Therese Martin.  She did and accomplished so much for the Pius Music And Drama Dept.  I was never fortunate enough to have that talent so I never experienced her guiding ways, but my brother Gary was definitely influenced by her.  She remained friends with Gary and my parents for many years after Pius.  I'm sure her glowing smile shines daily as she is surrounded by and participating in the heavenly choirs.


i hope uo're doing well Sr Linda and still that happy soul.

10/09/14 08:13 AM #8    


Sister Louise Ann Micek

Sr. Therese Martin was in love with life and helped us to sing and dance our song!

I was so happy to see her in her later years - still in love with life.  Now she is with True Life and we will continue to follow her.

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