Submitted Videos


Here's a great video of the United States Navy Band playing selections from the Jersey Boys at a concert on The Avenue at the U.S. Navy Memorial submitted by Beverly Belding Mount ""




Here's a timely and very funny video of Fritz Coleman at the Conference on Aging. This video was submitted by Mike Reavis.


Submitted by Dick Heroux...when I saw this it made me feel good and i wanted to share.

OUR GENERATIONS' TRAGEDIES PUT TO MUSIC this is a very interesting interpretation of American Pie by Don McLean... "The Day The Music Died"
Submitted by Jerry Cluck



Jacob Tolliver walks into an old hardware store on Market Street in Portsmouth, Ohio, sits down at an old piano and bangs out an old Jerry Lee Lewis song..."Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On"

Submitted by Marilyn Rassi Hewlett